Friday, June 25, 2010

The Squid and the Whale and Monkeys

Well, clearly I'm terrible at keeping up with blogs. I guess I've been vague both in my writing and in my thinking as to what I really wanted to do with this blog. However, my few readers are probably unconcerned about this so let me just get down to my newest works.

I've been pretty busy lately finishing up the Rhesus Project with NIH while moving into some new stuff using Unity3D. The Rhesus project went pretty well, I got to go out and watch infant Rhesus Macaque monkeys imitate my animations and I must say, this was a pretty odd feeling. I consider myself to be quite lucky because I don't think I'll meet too many 3D artists who will get to say that they used an animation to interact with monkeys. Ultimately I was pretty happy with the final look of the monkey but I have to say that I really wish I had more time to spend on rigging and animating. I think it's pretty obvious that these aspects were rushed and this is unfortunate. Regardless, the model came out well, so here are the two movies. They're not the world's most exciting as they had to have 20 seconds of nothing (control) and 20 seconds of repetitive expression so the monkeys would catch at lea
st some of it. You can't just force a 1 week old to watch animations.

Secondly, I've spent the past month or so competing in cgsociety's 25th Hardcore Modeling Challenge. The subject was the Oceans and I went for a Sperm Whale attempting to make a meal out of a Colossal Squid. I was pretty happy with the final model. I still intend to texture the models and get them into Maya for a proper Mental Ray render setup, etc.

So here's the final submission for the challenge. I decided not to texture for the challenge this time so the focus could be just on the model/sculpt itself.

And some orthographic views.

My next order of business is to try to wrap up a model for my friend Dan Govar, author/creator of the stunning comic Azure. I've also been a inspired by his new website to maybe finally go ahead and create my own site. I've got stuff all over the web but think it's about time that I try to really organize everything. We'll see if I actually do it though. Until next time, hope you enjoy this work, as always please feel free to critique or comment on anything on here.